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This page is where hosts can log in to request worlds and communicate with other hosts. Currently, we are not taking new hosts. We will select new hosts from people who are actively contributing.

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As I am a RuneScape player myself, I want to block any ads about RuneScape gold selling or botting. Please email me if you see any inappropriate ad or have general remarks/feedback about the tracker. Please indicate the URL of the offending website and include a screenshot of the ad if possible.

Rune Goldberg

First Rune
Law Rune
Reported by 87%.

Second Rune
Fire Rune
Reported by 47.8%. Mud Rune
Reported by 13%. Earth Rune
Reported by 8.7%.

Please click the second rune that worked for you.
First rune incorrect or appropriate second rune not shown? Please click here to submit a detailed report.

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