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Post Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:47 pm

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Hello All,

For a year now we have operated in the our current way, offering a completely free service for practically anyone wanting to complete a Warband, providing they follow our basic rules, they can find an active FC every wave via the main page of the site.

We have always prided ourselves on being able to provide a source for all players to take part in the D&D by finding a FC via our site or at the least use our always open 24/7 FC Warbands 1. But as those of you who regularly Warband with us, will know the politics and drama around the D&D.

Originally, over 90% of Warbanding teams were apart of WBG, we would distribute as many worlds as we could between the teams and for the most part, each FC would have a good run. But as our rival PKing group expanded, they showed how to rip a community apart, by promoting leaking, backstabbing, lying and even blackmailing amongst our groups. In some cases, bully-crashing a FC until they would given and either join them or give up altogether.

As time went on, we did lose many allies for different reasons, several due to FCs being bullied to join them as allies and others leaving due to the lack of freedom amongst worlds we have previously provided. It became recurring thing to see allies leave us, as they grew stronger and able to form as an independent team outside WBG.

Aside from the harsh methods they used to strengthen, they did bring wars and fights, as how Warbands should be. No way do we think that warbands were intended to be a leech fest, if anything Jagex's intentions were to produce these fierce battles against clans, but due to the mechanics of the D&D, only once every 7 hours does the event actually bring activity into the Wilderness.

The aims of our rival group has always been to bring us down as a monopoly, reducing the size of our alliance and weakening us by taking our stronger FCs to their side. Hypocritically they have made themselves as large of a monopoly as we are. Their stronger teams take advantage of our newer FCs provided on the tracker main page and crash all their worlds by planting spies into the FCs to source their worlds, which is why at times you may have received a bad experience if you joined one of our newer teams from the tracker.

Unfortunately we no longer see our current operation sustainable, we dislike how new players are being brought into the D&D and many bad first time experiences from our only groups available being less established FCs on the tracker, can put players off participating in the event altogether.

Therefore, as of Today we have made some significant changes to how our groups operate and how to find a FC.

Available FCs will no longer be displayed on the front page of the site, players seeking a FC should look into becoming a regular part of our recruiting FCs. Our recruiting FCs have setup threads on these forums/RSOF. More information can be found on this thread.

Warbands 1 will no longer operate as the 24/7 overflow FC, it's running is no longer feasible for the time the few ranks in there put in, when the leechers in the FC can be dropped with a few hits by even the smallest of teams. The service provides merely adequate success results but still many players use the FC as a daily source of their supplies, which was why we did not close it sooner. We may decide to alter this and allow the FC to function as an add-only FC, but this will be decided within the next few days.

We feel that some players are not engaging themselves enough in their FCs and for that reason being categorized as leeches. With the help of these forums and a rework in the structure of our alliance, those of you who do want to continue with us, will need to show us that you care more about supporting your team rather than just getting your 75/75. Those of you who continue to act as leeches amongst our FCs will end up discluded from using our FCs in the future.

Warband PK will be the primary FC for the alliance, we encourage members of our allied FCs to sit in there during and between events when available. Players interested in applying to join Warband PK as a full member will be able to apply and have a combat trial for a rank, applying can be done through this thread.

Operating primarily as our PKing FC, we would like to encourage more of you who regularly warband with our groups to join Warband PK as a full member. The PKing experience is very enjoyable and it will help your further understanding of EoC combat if you still felt limited to your ability. :)
Warband PK will be open in between some events for those of you who are not full members to be a part of our community. The goal of the FC will not be achieving 75/75 loot, we may allow opportunities for the PKers to loot on worlds we have PKed, but the main objective will be to hit our enemy clans and support our allies during and after the wave.

We hope with these changes we can bring a much more organised style of warbanding as an alliance of FCs. Our service will be much more based on working as a team and encouraging you guys to really make the most of the D&D as a team event.

We would like to encourage you to register with us on this site, so you can have full access to the rest of the forums, however registration isn't mandatory for those who use our service. We have setup these forums to improve our communication with allies and hopefully engage our regular warbanders more into the community and events with us!

The forums are still in development and will be adding new threads and features as the next few weeks progress, if you have any suggestions, you may post them on our suggestion page. Additionally if you have any questions or need any help with something, there's a section available in the general forum for that.

Thank you everyone who has supported us for all this time, we are glad to have a large and growing diverse community of players around our FCs and hope we can move forward to a new era of warbanding with us.
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